Conor McGregor’s training partners: ‘They’re a little scared of him’


Sean O’Malley’s coach Tim Welch has analyzed Conor McGregor’s UFC 303 training footage. and while he likes what he sees, he does have some concerns about the quality of sparring partners “The Notorious” is working with.

McGregor is set to face Michael Chander on June 29th … or at least that’s the original plan. Everything feels up in the air since the UFC canceled a Dublin press conference hours before it was set to start. Rumors of a McGregor injury are swirling. Reports of the UFC sending out ‘feelers’ for a replacement are kicking into high gear again.

And amidst all this, McGregor released a batch of training videos reassuring fans he was working hard in preparation for the bout. So how does the Irish sports star look? O’Malley coach Welch broke down the footage in a new YouTube video.

source by : Tim Welch

“Still sharpening up his left hand, he’s looking in shape,” Welch said. “It doesn’t look like that left leg’s bothering him at all. I mean, you can tell it’s a little bit atrophied still. It’s definitely a little smaller. Looks like they’re timing the left knee when Michael Chandler’s stepping in for a right hand. That’s gonna be a good option.”

“I don’t know these guys he’s sparring. You can’t see who they are with headgear. I mean, they’re probably not going to be near the athlete Michael Chandler is. And it looks like in some of these sparring videos that some of these guys are a little bit scared of him. A little bit scared, and a little bit intimidated by him, and he’s stalking them down, hunting them down.”

“Sometimes that can be good,” he added. “When you’re fighting and you’re the man in the room and you’re tuning everybody up, everyone’s scared of you, then you get in this cage with this high level of confidence, and go out there and piece them up.”

“Compare that to training with really good guys all the time, and you’re getting beat up all the time, and you’re maybe winning some rounds, maybe not winning some rounds. They’re taking you down. They’re submitting you. Then you go in that cage not near as confident. There’s some pluses and minuses to both.”

The old adage is iron sharpens iron, so the better your training partners the better you’ll be when you step into the cage. McGregor’s training with some top guys in Ireland, but there’s also a lot of bodies for him to work his timing and Chandler-specific combos on. Everything we’re seeing is undoubtedly carefully curated as well.

Hopefully McGregor makes it into the cage at UFC 303 to show us the finished product.

ONE Champion Demetrious Johnson Pinpoints Conor McGregor’s Strength and Weakness in Latest Breakdown

Conor McGregor is aiming for a comeback on June 29 after a three-year layoff. The Irish superstar is stepping up in weight on his return to take on the #5 ranked lightweight, Michael Chandler, at UFC 303. This fight is war brewing, and even champions from other organizations like the current ONE Flyweight MMA World Champion Demetrious Johnson can’t look away.

A true student of the game, Johnson has decades of experience in the all-encompassing sport and continues to add to his knowledge by watching fights from across multiple disciplines. Outside his legendary fighting career, “Mighty Mouse” is also known for his insightful fight breakdowns on his own YouTube channel, Mighty. In a recent video, he dissected McGregor’s recent sparring footage as he delves into both McGregor’s strengths and weaknesses, offering valuable insights for fans and fighters alike.

Demetrious Johnson analyzes Conor McGregor’s strengths and weaknesses

Demetrious Johnson, the Flyweight king with a record of thirteen title defenses, is back on  YouTube with another fight breakdown. This time, “Might Mouse” sets his sights on Conor McGregor’s recently released sparring footage.

The video shows Conor McGregor in top form, unloading punches on his training partner and forcing him towards the cage. Johnson, however, sees a potential opening for Michael Chandler, McGregor’s upcoming opponent at UFC 303. “This is a situation where Chandler could potentially catch Conor, “Johnson explains. “However, Conor’s a master at fighting off his back. If this situation arises in a real fight, then with Chandler’s back against the cage, he has limited escape options.

Later in the video, Johnson breaks down an interesting defensive move by McGregor, where he spawls and uses a knee to block a takedown. The former UFC star was impressed by this, saying, “That’s what makes him so good. He used a gentleman’s shot after his opponent’s failed shot, avoiding a potentially dangerous blow to the face.

However, following a last-minute postponement of the pre-fight press conference in Dublin, Johnson cast doubt on the fight actually happening. Interestingly, the American MMA legend also has fans on edge on his own return to MMA competition.

Will DJ fight in MMA again?

Johnson last fought at ONE Fight Night 10 back in May last year, where he successfully defended the ONE Flyweight MMA World Title in his trilogy fight with former titleholder Adriano “Mikinho” Moraes.  In the months leading up to the event, the 37-year-old hinted that it might be his final MMA bout, which made everyone await his decision at the conclusion of the match.

During the post-fight interview, Johnson left the door open for a return, saying he would weigh his options and talk to his family.  Recently, he made waves by competing and winning IBJJF tournaments as a brown belt – a move that ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong was aligned with.

With his success in the grappling arts, he could certainly make a super fight happen with reigning ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Champion Mikey “Darth Rigatoni” Musumeci or any of the skilled grapplers in the roster.

However, if he does return for another fight or two in MMA, he will have plenty of capable contenders who are hungry to test themselves against him, including ONE Strawweight MMA World Champion Joshua “The Passion” Pacio, former strawweight king Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks, and Aussie fireball Reece “Lightning” McLaren just to name a few.

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